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released October 23, 2015



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Death Black Birds

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Track Name: Luna
Oh Luna,
blue light in my
poor little October sky.
Surrounded by the fire
of a million siblings,
you fight to shine.

Oh the skyway, your road,
mirrors the one that I despairingly

Darlin, put your hand next to mine.
The crossroads—where I saw
a fiery love in your
sad little eyes.
Track Name: Blood Moon
Mercy cuts hard. Heavy.
And your heart is my personal guillotine yard.
Roll me, sweetheart, into the light
of your Blood Moon
hung from the great southern sky.

Freezing sharp stars stitch
the Blood Moon.
The wise old widow spools.
Blood Moon.
All falls before me.
Blood Moon.
My desperate and lonely
Blood Moon.

Freezing sharp stars stitch
the Blood Moon.
The old black widow spools.
Blood Moon.
All falls before me.
Blood Moon.
The fire in my only
Blood Moon.
Track Name: Under the Shatter of Stars
Swingin’ low
from the vile violet sky
on Lake Ontario.

Hot fraying lighting rope,
light then heavy
on the moon glow.

Heroin sleep.
The stars are burnin’ low
so I can drop deep.

Dip me in the water.
I blinked the pennies out of my eyes.

Again I’m swinging’ low
from a fray of fire
over Lake Ontario.

Baby, look I’m
swingin’ low
from a fraying fire
over Lake Ontario.
Track Name: Shane
Freezing February seraph
burning before me.
Raven black stare down
from your crucifix positioning
blows out my eyes through the back of my skull.

But you give me salvation
that god has never done,
when everything
is running me down,
just by smiling through it all.

I held a match to your cigarette.
You smiled sweet through the smoke
and drew your breath.
I died it every room of your heart those nights.
Every corner
a maze of amazement and troubled times.
Call me up from your windowsill.
Abuse me.
Or throw me your keys again.
Your long dark hair falling over me.
Laughing. Laying there, long friends.

Or Barley embering souls under
the dense fires weighing on us.
Ornamental shimmering violet sky.

You gave me salvation
that writing a song has never done
When runnin' around
was just runnin' me down.
Just by smiling through it all.
Track Name: Moonstruck
Phosphorescent red beauty
burning before me.

Now a hollow-eyed ghost
of my moonstruck soul.

Once medicating my anguish.
Now, the root of my torment,

Phosphorescent red beauty
burning before me.
Track Name: Milk & Honey
Acherusa lake.
Color my torment away.

Merciless angel,
all fire.
Color my sin away.

Don’t leave me.
Don’t leave me.

Don’t take me.
From my land
of milk and honey.
Track Name: Heroin
She laughs when I say
that I call her
my heroin.

But I always meant it.
'Cause without her
all of my blood
would run thin.

She’s right there to love me
then gone the next minute.
She burns through my blood
'cause I've gone and put her in.

She laughs when I say
that I laugh off my pain.

But I wasn’t kidding.
Lord, I’ve played the fool
as far back I can think.